By MacParaApril 24, in Gotway. I'm a greenhorn with EUC as I just started riding a couple of months ago, so I apologize in advance if this is a silly question.

I'm seriously confused about the different Gotway models. It might come from my hesitation about looking deeper into it when I started riding as the overall vibe I picked up was "they're dangerous" or have flaky electronics. Now that I understand a bit better where these notions are coming from I am getting more interested in them as I deem these generalizations stemming from pushing the limits on these wheels.

Anyway, I don't want to discuss that really but I would really like to understand what it is with the difficult availability of these wheels and the discrepancies that I see between the models listed on the official www. For instance, I am pretty tickled by the Gotway Tesla but you can't seem to buy it at any of the US seller sites, nor is it even listed as a model on kebye. Does that mean it's discontinued?

It doesn't look like it as eWheels lists it as available for backorder, so I assume they still build it but why isn't it listed then on the manufacturer's website. The same with the Monster. No listing on kebye. The Monster is also not available anywhere in the US.

Then there's the mystery of the Tesla vs. They are both 16" wheels. Seems silly and redundant. And it looks like the ACMv2 with the smaller battery which is still a lot bigger than the Tesla's is quite a bit cheaper than the Tesla if you could buy the latter.

Is there something else missing in the ACMv2?

Michael B. Gotway, M.D.

It looks like the motor is the same as the one in the Tesla. So, yeah, I am confused about their models and all the other stuff. Is there a Gotway aficionado out there who could educate me how this all makes sense? Is this the ACM the successor of the Tesla or why come out with another 16" wheel? I hope not. I agree, it's all very confusing.

It probably takes over a year of being around Gotway to fully understand their market. Some of the Gotway aficionados I might fall under that category learn from talking to the dealers, scouring Facebook, scouring this Forum, listening to rumors, etc.

And after awhile it all seems to make sense. I don't have time to lay out all of the different models and variations on those models, but if you have more specific questions I or others can try and answer them. Think of the Tesla as the prettyboy wheel destined for city life pretty shell, dazzling lights, limited range, etc and the ACM as the warthog that gets the job done and runs all day long.

Eventually the sucking power of the Gotway blackhole eventually pulls people in such as yourself.Gotway Mten3 is inch electric unicycle manufactured by company Gotway.

The Worlds First Gotway Tesla Ride Test

Mten3 is equipped with Wh Li-ion battery and W rated electric motor. Among others, this Gotway model features Fixed handle and Regenerative braking.

gotway america

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I am so glad that I found this website for everything that I need. Order processing and delivery was done in a timely manner. The parts were exactly what I ordered and were packaged safely. I highly recommend this site and will purchase from here again. Thank you! Provided I live in Canada, It was more bank account friendly to purchase my wheel in Canada. I ended up buying my V8 from Inmotion Canada, and my experience with them has been extremely disappointing.

The rim broke, and so I turned to Ewheels. Jason responded the same day and was super helpful with all my questions. I have not dealt with very many companies that respond several times in the same day.

They have done something right!! I am 16 years old and this is my first more legit wheel. Seeing as how things tend to break now and then, it is super helpful that I could just reach out to Ewheels and they sent me small spacers and some screws for free! The customer service is phenomenal!! I absolutely recommend that you consider buying a wheel or other product from them!! The video that caught my attention was the very slick advertisement by Inmotion for their V10F.

It was like WOW—is that thing real?! With that video in my mind, I started a long search from every source I could find to find out everything I could learn about these things, their risks, the limitations, and where to get them.

Let me say, there needs to be more awareness of this company and Jason, What a great company to deal with, The customer service from Jason is phenomenal, I called left a message after hours and he got right back to me and together he figured out my phones font size problem, would have never figured this 1 out.

Sure, the unit is great and a bunch of fun, but you already know all that so why repeat? The thing that sets this purchase apart from almost every other, is the people behind the website.

Jason is great. I love a company who offers overnight service and actually ships right away. Well, I did wait. I just got tried of waiting for a delivery because I trusted a BS tracking number. I wish I had come here in the first place.

Thank you Jason for the lightening fast service. I will be able to crack my skull a few days earlier now! Jason is phenomenal when it comes to answering questions and making sure that you are a satisfied with your purchase. In short this wheel collects the speed,range,comfort and handling adequate for beginners as well as for advance riders.

The pedals are…just butter and the trolley handle very comfortable.Carol Anne Gotway Crawford is an American mathematical statistician and since May chief of design, methods, and analysis for the U. Government Accountability Office. She also holds an adjunct faculty position at the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University[1] [2] and is an expert in biostatisticsspatial analysisenvironmental statisticsand the statistics of public health.

She also maintains an interest in geoscience and has held executive roles in the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences.

Carol Anne Gotway did her undergraduate studies at Bradley University and her graduate studies in statistics at Iowa State Universityearning a master's degree in and completing her Ph. She moved to the Department of Biometry at the University of Nebraska inand moved again to the Centers for Disease Control in Inshe became associate director for science at the Centers for Disease Control. As Carol A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American mathematical statistician. NovemberMathematical Geology38 4 : —, doi : DecemberThe Photogrammetric Record21 : —, doi : Authority control MGP : Hidden categories: CS1 maint: untitled periodical Articles with short description Wikipedia articles with MGP identifiers Year of birth missing living people.

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eWheels Comparison of Current Electric Unicycles

Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. MGP : By Marty BackeJanuary 31, in Gotway. I just saw this post from Gotway America on their Facebook page. Their new shipment of Tesla's have vent holes in the front. This is a very bad sign and decision by Gotway. It means that my Tesla will be overheating in the summer Gotway must be hearing about problems. And can you imagine all of the dirt that's going to get sucked into the wheel now some people, like me, enjoy riding these wheels on trails.

We can hope but I have my doubts that the internal shell has been modified to restrict this airflow such that it can't directly touch the electronics or axle. This makes no sense, there's nothing behind there that could even be vented. Maybe some production thing or so? Not even Gotway would make useless holes that allow rain the direct route to the electronics.

I wonder if they also have this "feature" - not! So, which do you like better, overheating or water damage? Thanks for the heads-up!

gotway america

I don't know Rehab1. Gotway should contract your services, being the Master of ventilated designs. I still have one good arm to drill holes. I bought mine about 1.

The board sits under the handle far away on top This holes sit at a point very much under the board, tunnels reach up to the handle, so now at least some fresh air can get in or the heat can get out.

Not the best idea Like always You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.By fbcreganJuly 30, in Gotway. Are there any options for getting a Gotway in the US? I haven't been able to find any avenues for ordering one here.

gotway america

I'm not looking to buy right now, but when it's time for a new wheel, the Gotway 18 Msuper looks awesome. You could check here, I don't know of any shops in the US which would sell Gotways, but you can always order abroad:. And if you happen to find a US shop that sells such or is otherwise missing from the listplease tell me so I can add them.

Inventist still holds the patent for electric unicycles in the USA. Threat of lawsuit is probably a reason why. Might have to do with Ninebot owning Segway, and Segway has patents on self-balancing devices I recall reading a rumor somewhere, that the former owners of Segway and Inventist had some sort of a "gentlemens' agreement" that Segway wouldn't sue Inventist, but it probably no longer holds with Ninebot as the current owner.

More like "mutually assured destruction" since it seems likely that Segway now Ninebot has patents that Inventist is infringing; Segway was first by about a decade. Chen owner of Inventist and inventor of the Solowheel turned them down. It's a different way to talk business. It was kind of scary to work with them. Two months later, Ninebot unveiled its own self-balancing electric unicycle: a shiny white disc called the Ninebot One.

In an interview, Ninebot Chief Executive Gao Lufeng denied all allegations of intellectual property theft. He then accused Chen of using Segway's intellectual property — its gyroscopic self-balancing technology — to develop the Solowheel. A company with somewhat outdated products and no chance of handling a market like the US concentrates on fighting competitors instead of at least developing and selling better products that meet the costumers' expectations let alone god forbid opening the market for other products.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a system that makes it possible to patent a swing in the year US B1allowing it to patent genes or sueing people for infringing the copyright on the 'happy birthday' song at least here is some movement according to this.

We partner closely with Inventist and are excited about a few upcoming projects as well. The partnership between Focus Designs and Inventist is a perfect example of our collaborative capabilities.

Check out ewheels. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.By EcoDriftNovember 29, in Gotway. EcoDrift nice! Any word on speed? Also, any word on a new Monster-like model? Maybe now 23". Im from Russia, where vodka, bears and good english everywhere.

I would have never guessed it. This is going to take some time to process. I am not sure how I feel about the new wheel. I would have named it the AMC.

All makes combined. Hope it does well! The music speakers are a nice addition and my wife would love the lights. This is why you will get one. Gotway "16" incher with Wh battery!!!!! ACM redeemed!!!!! Though it is a bit flashy But the ring lights are cool and seem to indicate in combination with the nicely flush handle some kind of actual design planning by Gotway! I wonder why it is so big? Bigger than MSX?


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